Five things you can do about the Obama administration suing over Arizona's immigration law

[NOTE: See also a discussion of the June 25, 2012 Supreme Court ruling]

The Obama administration is suing Arizona over their new immigration law, and here are five things you can do. Please don't just read this and move on; if you want to oppose the lawsuit take a few moments and send the link to this page - or just your summary of one of the steps - to your social networks:

1. The most effective thing you can do is to promote the question authority plan and encourage people to "cross-examine" politicians on video over immigration. Asking politicians tough questions designed to discredit them can be used to force them to change their positions, but few want to help. The mainstream media refuses to ask politicians tough questions, and regular citizens aren't filling the gap. Even just one major politician being discredited over immigration on a popular video would have far-reaching impacts.

2. Other things you can do - some requiring just a few minutes - are listed on the page describing how to reduce illegal immigration. It would only take a few minutes to, for instance, find blogs that take the Obama administration's side and then leave a comment pointing out to that blog's readers how the blogger is wrong.

3. Hold each and every Democrat politician fully accountable for what the Obama administration is doing, and force them to choose a side. Ask them to publicly come out against the DOJ lawsuit, and make sure that they do that unequivocally. If a Democratic leader won't come out against the lawsuit, publicize that fact and work to turn their supporters against them. If they won't come out against the suit, use the question authority plan to make them explain exactly why. Then, publicize their answer through video sharing sites, social networking, and so on.

4. Force Republican Representatives and Senators to state their position on the lawsuit; most will oppose it but some won't. In the latter case, likewise force them to explain the reasons for their support. And, force them to make at least a symbolic gesture against the suit, such as by passing a resolution. Most Americans would support such a resolution and it would be a rallying point. Millions of Americans rallying around such a resolution would send a strong message to vulnerable Democrats.

5. Coalesce the Obama administration, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Democratic Party, and the Mexican government in peoples' minds: help them think of those four as all one entity working towards the same goal. The ACLU is directly collaborating with the Mexican government on a related issue, and that government has now been allowed to support the ACLU lawsuit against Arizona. There's no known direct link between the ACLU suit and the DOJ suit so don't say there is. However, help people think of the four groups as all heads on the same hydra, so to speak. All four groups are working towards the same goal and oppose the will of most Americans.

If you want to take effective action against the DOJ suit, please take a few moments and send this link - or your summary of one of the points above - to your social networks.