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Dylan Scott, TPM: pro-business libertarian immigration ideas are sane, normal, and respectable

Yet another example of how close today's supposed liberals are to libertarians on immigration - or at least how much the libertarian position on immigration serves the interests of the Democratic Party - comes from Dylan Scott of TalkingPointsMemo.

Scott offers "The Heritage Foundation Might Be Shedding Some Of Its Crazy Soon" ( peekURL.com/z92p6hd ) about Heritage hiring libertarian and loose borders advocate Stephen Moore as their chief economist. Moore's immigration position is very business-friendly and if he had his way he'd flood the U.S. with cheap labor and reduce U.S. wages closer to world levels.

That suits Dylan Scott of TPM just fine:

...In its first year under former senator and tea party godfather Jim DeMint, there was a growing consensus -- and concern -- that the foundation once renowned for its intellectual rigor might now be more of a political advocacy outlet than a home for scholarly research, albeit of the conservative variety...

That's why Heritage's most recent hire could mark a potential return to normalcy and respectability for the foundation.

The new man is Stephen Moore, most recently of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, who is joining Heritage as its chief economist. He has previously worked at Heritage in the 1980's, the Cato Institute, and Club for Growth before spending the last nine years at the Journal...

...Outsider observers in the conservative sphere were emphatic: Moore's hiring could be a turning point for Heritage, both in general and particularly on immigration, this Congress's best shot -- however remote -- to leave a meaningful legislative mark...

(Alex Nowrasteh of the CATO Institute gives Moore a rave review...)

...Moore's hiring also earned the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

Correct me if wrong, but shouldn't actual liberals oppose rather than cheer such libertarian and business groups and their quest to flood the U.S. with cheap labor?

Want to do something about this? Contact @dylanlscott and @joshtpm with your thoughts, and also look up those they talk with and make the point to those people that TPM should consider opposing libertarians on immigration rather than cheering them.

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