Donald Trump picks pro-amnesty Mick Mulvaney to chair OMB

Donald Trump has picked Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R - South Carolina) to chair the Office of Management and Budget (link).

Mulvaney is a budget hawk associated with the Tea Parties movement, and a founder of the House Freedom Caucus.

And, like many of Trump's other associates, Mulvaney is also a big fan of a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Back in 2013, Mulvaney supported Rand Paul's plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Rand Paul's plan also included a massive guest workers scheme, and all of that would have had highly negative impacts on precisely the types of people who voted for Donald Trump.

The video below - from PBS in 2015 but perhaps using footage from earlier - shows Mulvaney acting as as an illegal immigration and amnesty promoter, scaremongering the Hispanic vote and engaging in the far-left practice of dividing people into groups in order to promote amnesty. And, not telling the truth: he discusses someone sending him a cantaloupe as if it was delivered from an average citizen. In fact, pro-amnesty, pro-cheap labor groups like Americas Voice, United We Dream, and United Farm Workers organized efforts to deliver cantaloupes to Congress [1].

From the Breitbart News post "PBS Documentary: House Freedom Caucus Founder Was Key to Paul Ryan, Luis Gutierrez Open Borders Effort" (Oct 26 2015, [2])

the PBS documentary reveals that one of the founding members of the House Freedom Caucus, Mick Mulvaney, embraces an even more progressive immigration agenda than Cantor himself.

The documentary, which aired on October 20, casts Mulvaney at the center of the La Raza-backed 2013 and 2014 immigration push, alongside Paul Ryan and Luis Gutierrez. As PBS writes on its website, the documentary is “a fly-on-the-wall look at the high-stakes effort to broker a deal [on immigration] in Congress–an effort led by Rep. Luis Gutierrez.” The site continues, “In addition to Gutierrez … we meet Mick Mulvaney (R-SC)–a Tea Party member who communicates with his Spanish-speaking constituents in their own language, and who chastises members of his party” for opposing mass amnesty.

This helps explain why, after Ryan announced his candidacy for Speaker, Mulvaney and Gutierrez were among those who most aggressively boosted Ryan in the media.

Mulvaney was also featured in "G.O.P. Congressman in South Carolina Takes a Risk With a Foray Into Immigration" by Julia Preston of the New York Times [3]:

Mr. Mulvaney convened a town-hall meeting in this country town on the troublesome issue of immigration, with an audience of Latinos. He held forth for an hour, parsing policy and answering questions about the prospects for immigration legislation in the House — entirely in Spanish…making the most of the Spanish skills he acquired years ago in college…

“I am more than willing to have a discussion about allowing at least part of the 11 million people here illegally to have some type of status,” he said. “I’m just disappointed that more people in my party don’t want to do that.”

How many more pro-amnesty hacks does Trump have to choose and how many more pro-amnesty things does Trump have to say before his fans stop treating him like Bieber and start demanding that he puts USA first?

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