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Dick Armey + PJTV + Glenn Reynolds + Dana Loesch + CPAC = just how dumb are tea partiers?

Earlier today, Glenn Reynolds posted what might be the shortest summary of just how incredibly dumb and gullible those involved with the tea parties are (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/94212). Savor it:

THE CONTRACT FROM AMERICA: Dana Loesch Interviews Dick Armey at CPAC.

That links to a video at Pajamas Media. So, we've got:

* Reynolds, someone who among other things has encouraged his followers to swarm politicians, hold up bunny ears behind their heads, and throw tantrums like little children...

* PJTV, which converted Joe the Plumber into a war correspondent then an echo chamber talk show host rather than sending him out to do what he got famous for: asking politicians questions...

* Dick Armey, someone who not only supports illegal immigration but who did stimulus-bill related lobbying even as his group opposed the stimulus...

* Dana Loesch, a low-class, low-wattage, truth-challenged radio host who claimed that being opposed to the tea partiers goals' was "an accidental admission of socialism"...

* And, they're discussing the Contract from America, something so obviously bogus that even some tea partiers should be able to see through it.

If anyone can find an even shorter summary of the useful idiot nature of the tea partiers, leave a comment.

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