Charles Koch Foundation deletes comment about David Koch donating to ACLU

The Charles Koch Foundation (see Koch family) deleted a comment I left on their Youtube video in which I pointed out that David Koch joined with George Soros and gave the American Civil Liberties Union $10 million. Apparently the Koch Foundation doesn't want current or potential libertarians to find out that their leader helped fund a far-left group that was founded by a Communist.

Video details at [1], here's the comment that was removed (all comments verbatim, except links made active):

What do you think of the ACLU? How about Soros?

Well, guess what: the person ultimately behind this video joined with Soros to give millions to the ACLU:

24ahead . com/n/10603

P.S. In addition to all the other things they do, the ACLU directly collaborated with the Mexican gov't to thwart our immigration laws, and that gov't has recently joined an ACLU suit against Georgia.

And, David Koch gave them $10 million.

I left three other comments, and at post time they haven't been removed:

@CognitiveImbias: drool and drone on somewhere else. I don't support "unrestricted international trade", and regarding your belief that somehow someone who does support that must support the free movement of labor, I have a news flash: people are not refrigerators. Refrigerators don't wield political power, commit crimes, take welfare benefits, and on and on. Tip: people do all those things and more.

@goPistons06 is correct about "the truth or falsehood of a statement doesn't depend on who says it". However, when dealing with highly complex topics about which someone doesn't have expert knowledge, relying on whether the person doing the sales job is credible is about the only thing to do. I don't have a doctorate in economics, so I have to go on the fact that fiscal cons - especially those paid off by Koch - just aren't credible. That doesn't mean their opponents are, just that they aren't.

What the video won't tell you is that the Koch vision of "liberty" includes loose borders. Not only do they fund groups that advocate for loose (and even open borders), but David Koch joined with *George Soros* to give millions to the Mex. gov't linked ACLU.

Get the facts about them here:

24ahead . com/s/koch-family

Don't fall for Koch propaganda, unless you too support loose borders.

I'm guessing the "loose borders" part didn't raise any red flags, but they realized the danger in their followers finding out that David Koch joined with George Soros to fund the ACLU.

Note: see deleted comments for dozens of others across the political spectrum who can't stand the heat and have either deleted my comments or banned me.

[1] "Economic Freedom & Quality of Life",, my name: NoMoreBlatherDotCom
The video was posted by "EconFree" and is so far their only video. Their profile page says this:

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If anyone believes the comment was removed because it was off-topic, let me know and I'll have my chauffeur Ragnar Danneskjold deliver a gold bar to you.