Challenge for liberals: show how Powerline Prize winner is wrong

Powerline just awarded $100,000 to the video below for winning their Powerline Prize. That alone is an argument against fiscal conservatives, but it's not enough.

Now, I could easily show how the video ("The Spending is Nuts") is wrong, delusional, and expresses sentiments that at the least are unhealthy if not un-American. Instead, I want my liberal-leaning visitors to do it, and I want them to do it in a way that shows how the ideas of libertarians and the tea parties are wrong to those who lean to the conservative side of things.

It's easy to show people who agree with you that something is wrong, it's not so easy to change minds. The goal of this post is different. I want you my liberal visitor to present an argument that will change the minds of those who might consider joining the tea parties movement, or to change the minds of non-ideologues who are already in that movement.

Don't worry, presenting an argument against this video is very, very easy. Have at it in comments below.