Cecilia Munoz named to head Domestic Policy Council (former NCLR official)

From this:

The White House announced Tuesday that Cecilia Munoz, a former senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza, would replace Melody Barnes at the top of the [Domestic Policy Council]...

Munoz is now serving as the White House's director of intergovernmental affairs and is in charge of outreach to state and local governments...

In her new role, Munoz will become the president’s senior adviser on domestic affairs that fall outside the strict purview of the National Economic Council, which is headed by Gene Sperling.

"Over the past three years, Cecilia has been a trusted advisor who has demonstrated sound judgment day in and day out," President Obama said. "Cecilia has done an extraordinary job working on behalf of middle class families, and I'm confident she'll bring the same unwavering dedication to her new position."

For background on her, make sure and see Cecilia Munoz. For extensive coverage of the NCLR, see National Council of La Raza.

It wouldn't be that difficult to make the NCLR toxic, and that might have prevented this promotion for Munoz. The problem is that most of those who oppose the NCLR don't do so correctly (see the note at their link). And, most of those who should oppose them concentrate on trivialities or issues that aren't anywhere near as important as immigration (by which, of course, I mean the Tea Parties movement).