Catholic priest on "The Immorality of Illegal Immigration" (must send video)

The attached video features retired Catholic priest Patrick Bascio discussing the immorality of illegal immigration and how the U.S. church leadership is wrong to support it.

The U.S. Catholic church leadership and many other religious leaders are strong supporters of illegal immigration. Their support is then broadcast by the media and used to give illegal activity a sheen of moral respectability.

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You can also get his book here.

Father Bascio on the immorality of illegal immigration


Ok he gets it, but he like many others still don't get the fact with the hispanic and the political race hate power base that the drug dealers have set up with the help of 50 years of planning by our enemies its all over here. blacks will disappear at the point of guns and when the hispanic drug dealers have total power and have removed any laws like mexico. blacks will be removed poor whites will just become bitchs for the third world people and the USA Will disappear into some monkey landscape. the only way to save something is to take what we can by force of armed.

Listen to what this guy tells you but understand what he is really saying. he helped in the death of this nation but now he gets what he did how sad.

Know one wants to say anything about this guy but me? this so called Priest is not evil just a ass who hates the USA Like all his kind he can't see the evil he has done to others. but that has always been the history of the church of rome.