CA LULAC: U.S.-Mexico border might not be valid; legalize Mexican illegal aliens; wants international arbitration

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is a considered-mainstream group that in the past has been pandered to by George W Bush, John Kerry, John McCain, and Barack Obama and presented as mainstream by the MSM despite having at least a national treasurer who's an extremist.

Now, over to Casey Wian on CNN's Lou Dobbs show (transcript link):
WIAN: LULAC claims that 2008 Supreme Court decision in a Texas death penalty case involving a Mexican citizen could render the 1848 border treaty [of Guadalupe Hidalgo] invalid because Congress failed to make the treaty binding on individual states.

So its California director says, "The government of Mexico should exercise its rights to third-party arbitration and reopen all questions of immigration including the rights of Mexican citizens in the United States and the legitimacy of the border itself."

The group says Mexicans in the United States were treated unfairly after Guadeloupe Hidalgo and should now be given legal status.

JAN TUCKER, LULAC, CALIFORNIA CHAPTER: Mexico didn't get what it bargained for in giving up its land, then why should it be bound by that border? And even if we're not going to revisit the issue of the border per se, shouldn't Mexico have a right to a third party examination?

WIAN: California LULAC suggests Canada, Brazil, Great Britain or France could help renegotiate the border treaty.
The national LULAC HQ didn't give CNN a statement; a legal scholar says LULAC's claims are "pretty absurd".

When you see an MSM reporter presenting LULAC as a mainstream group, send them a link to this post.


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