Reason Magazine tries to pretend they opposed Barack Obama

The "libertarians" at Reason Magazine offer a list of their recent coverage of Barack Obama (, and from that list those who don't read their Hit and Run blog frequently might think they actually opposed him. In fact, they served as a bit of a cheerleader for him and almost always showed a clear bias towards him and against McCain (as pretty much every visitor to their site knows, their editor Matt Welch wrote an anti-McCain book). Yes, there were a few negative stories on BHO, but they never really went after him, despite all the at least partly libertarian-friendly things he could and should have been opposed over.

I posted that list over at their site a few times, and suggested that they try to offer an intellectually honest counterargument. Instead, the night before the election their last post was about frozen mice. No, really:

And nearly every single contributor to and commenter at their blog knows about my nearly two year push to go ask politicians real questions on video and then upload their responses to Youtube. At any time during the past two years, Reason could have very easily sent Dave Weigel or someone else to a BHO appearance to ask him a question - whether about my topics or theirs - that would have greatly reduced his support and shown him to be an empty suit. Instead, during the entire election cycle, the only "tough" question Reason managed to ask was when Weigel asked Larry Sinclair (yes, that guy) something slightly discomforting.

Obviously, Reason didn't try to ask anyone with any power tough questions, despite the fact that it would have gotten tens of times more views than their most viewed video and made them close to a household name. And, they would have done a great public service by holding politicians accountable and by showing how corrupt the MSM is.

But, they did nothing.

Reason isn't really a libertarian site, but it goes deeper than that: they're complete establishment suck-ups who have no interest in ruffling anyone's feathers. They're Joe Kleins in pleather jackets, worthless, corrupt frat boys who refuse to grow up and do anything remotely approaching holding politicians accountable.


I agree. Libs are evil.