While we're waiting, I'm going to go write-in Hillary.

UPDATE: It took less than ten minutes to go make my protest vote. As for API, the skullduggery has prevented them from airing the tape, but they promise they'll get it to us tomorrow.


*chuckles* Now I get it. You're a satire site. I'm sorry I didn't catch on sooner.

_Now I get it._ Monkeys, typewriters.

yes, some guy in his mom's basement with a commodore 64 and a dial up modem, for certain.

What, I'm supposed to take it seriously when... as every single poll predicted... the people overwhelmingly vote for Barack Obama, and your response is to announce that an apocryphal tape of our new First Lady-to-be calling somebody "whitey"... a tape that every major media network would have loved to be the one to air had it existed... is going to be aird s soon as they "fly in with it"? Talk about commodore 64s all you want. We're living in the 21st century. If this tape existed, it wouldn't be a tape. It would be an MP3. It would have been turned into a YouTube presentation. It would have gone viral and it would be everywhere and the "Brownshirts" or "Stormtroopers" or "NWO" or whoever you're afraid of couldn't do anything to keep it down. You're never going to get the mythical tape because it doesn't exist. If it did, the media would be all over it. "But the media loves Obama and protects him!" What's your evidence for that? That they don't play the tapes of Michelle Obama saying "whitey", of course! You guys got fair and balanced coverage, and it clearly showed the better candidate. The American people have spoken. I suggest you stop chasing after this mythical tape and instead watch the footage of McCain's very powerful, very moving concession speech. Finally the man has found the honor and dignity he once had. Watch him acknowledge his failure... he knows he conducted this campaign without honor and he knows that's why he lost. His campaign strategy depended on suppressing turnout. He could't win if everybody got a say. That's not the way to win an election in a democracy. When the audience boos President-elect Obama's name, you can tell he's embarrassed... as any American patriot should be to have the people's elected executive booed on his behalf. All my friends and I, we watched it and we were impressed by the strength of character he displayed. We thought, "Was this guy hiding while an impostor ran his campaign?" If he'd been like that for the past four months, he might have won. But he didn't. He tried to win through intimidation, suppression, slander, and distraction, as Bush had beaten him. And then watch Obama's speech. Listen to his sincere words. Realize he doesn't hate you, he doesn't want to take away your rights, and he's not going to strip you of your money. I know you guys are afraid of that word, "redistribution." But he wasn't talking in Communist Code there. He picked a word to describe progressive income tax which has some unfortunate implications among the tinfoil hat crowd. Oops. I bet he'd pick a different word now if he could... but it's not like he slipped and gave away a secret plan. His plan's on his website. Maybe read it? The way people act, they think that he's going to take $250,000 from one person and divide it up so that 10 people all get $25,000. No. A person who makes a _comfortable_ living is still going to be comfortable with

A person who makes a _comfortable_ living is still going to be comfortable with a few percent more taxes. Nobody's going to be bankrupted. Nobody's going to be sent to the poorhouse for the "crime" of being successful. It's a fact of economics that the more money you accumulate, the less benefit each additional dollar brings you. Why do you think the billionaires keep giving away billions to charity? Because when you have more than $20 billion, another billion doesn't really do much for you, but it can do a world of good for others. Anyway, it's a brand new day in America and I'm very excited that our country is going to regain its proper standing at the forefront of the civilized world. The shining City on the Hill our forefathers built is being restored to its proper glory, and the beacon of liberty is burning bright. You guys chase your imaginary tape if you want... but if you're ready to quit hating democracy and liberty, feel free to join the celebration. LET FREEDOM RING!

freedom my ass. you are too stupid to realize that there is not really any difference between the two parties. you are a redneck dolt of the highest order when you understand it does not matter who wins, the people always lose. but i cant wait for a hawkish obama administration to pull out of iraq and increase troop strength in afghanistan, even a fool like obama did not learn anything from the soviet failure. nice to see some pro-war supporters on here, oblivious to the facts as you may be. give us some more mindless ranting from your commodore 64, comrade. its entertaining.

Dear In Good Company, The post probably should have been filed under his tag WackyHumor, since that's more or less the way he meant it. In the same way, you should be filed under IGNORE. But thanks for stopping by to deliver more of your vapid platitudes and PC talking points. I mean, it's not like we couldn't read the same crap in any MSM outlet. So I guess that means you're performing an 'important public service'. Thank you.

This is fun, "in good company", hates our freedoms like obama, he hates anyone who is for our human rights. Human and civil rights are not just for monkey people of this earth and like good little black and white nazi like obama he or she is a hatered of rights and eh is a light of freedom and rights unlike our enemies of freedom. Obama is our enemy and mass political and race intimidate will be the rule of the day soon inside the former usa. Buy Guns the evil has just started and the end game is on its way. obama is the ideals of 666.