Hope, change: Black Panthers intimidate white voters in Philadelphia

Rough transcript of the video below.
RICK LEVENTHAL/FOX NEWS: i do not even know where to begin, but we have reached a polling place in the city of philadelphia. one of the two black panthers who was allegedly blocking the door is standing right over here, with an accused us of intimidating voters because we were here with a camera and microphone. he did not answer questions, other people here have confirmed that another person in black panther attire was holding a night stick and apparently the concern was that they were intimidating people who were trying to go inside to vote. a republican poll observer actually called the police, the police were here and we miss them...

CITIZEN: we got a phone call that there was intimidation going on. i walked up to the door, two gentlemen in black panther guard, one brandishing a nightstick, standing in front of the door. they closed ranks as i walked up...
UPDATE: There's amateur footage here.


It seems that once the black population reaches a certain threshold [1] they are not shy about demanding control and then trying to maintain it. Look at how the mayor of Detroit recently defied the law.

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania#Demographics

For them to be "blocking the door", they would have had to actually have prevented somebody from entering it. They were certified poll watchers with all the necessary credentials. The one who brought the baton or nightstick was stupid, and justifiably removed, but the other one was a law-abiding citizen performing a valuable public service. No white person is going to see a couple of black guys in front of a polling place and turn around and go home. If they -were- intimidated, they'd go to the police and demand their rights. Blacks who have less reason to trust the political system and the police, on the other hand, might see a sea of grim white faces standing in front of a polling place and decide to turn around and go home, especially with all the scuzzy rumors about how the polls are going to be used as stings. Bottom line, putting a Black Panther in among the other (white) poll watchers stationed in front of the polling place doesn't prevent any one from voting, while their presence encourages some people to vote who might not otherwise do so. Why is this a bad thing? Because those people are voting against your favored party, of course. Disenfranchisement. Only people who vote "Right" get to keep their "rights", in your "Real America". If McCain could win without blocking the polls, without purging thousands of eligible voters (including actor Tim Robbins... they messed up big time by purging a somebody along with the nobodies), without doing everything possible to make sure as few people vote as possible, he would deserve the presidency. But he can't. His strategy hinges on making sure only his supporters are allowed to vote freely. That isn't American. No taxation without representation, remember? Government of the people, for the people, by the people. Not SOME of the people. The people. When you feel like being a real patriot... well, you've got a blog. You can let the world know.

Youre a fucking nut case who hates your countrymen and this country. Why dont you go reside with the cheese eating surrender monkeys known as the French? Better yet, go start your own blog full of your absurd hateful theories about those of us on the right side of history. Seems you just cant stay away from here, evidendce of your profound mental pathologies.

_...but the other one was a law-abiding citizen performing a valuable public service._ Hey, you know, I wasn't there and didn't see what actually happened. But anyone who says a guy in 'black panther garb' standing at the entrance to a polling station, next to someone with a wooden club, apparently not believing the presence of the person with the wooden club was improper, and never asking or again apparently even thinking to ask the person with the club to leave -- which the police later had to do I guess -- is "performing a valuable public service", is a total fucking jerk.

petty bourgeois: To the contrary, I love this country! This is country of bold military leaders like General George Washington, but also of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, a country founded by the philosophical children of the Enlightenment who... while they might be surprised at how racially integrated their City on the Hill has become... would be sickened at the vulgar pretenses of patriotism by those who would disenfranchise their fellow men. I love my America and I love my fellow Americans. I have nothing but love for this great nation, which is why I'm sad to see how she's been dragged through the mud. And guess what? The guy with the club? Is as paranoid, militant, and anti-Obama as you guys are. Read all about it: http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/20081029_New_Panthers__war_on_whites.html He's closer to your side of things than mine, I think... he wants everything to go to hell so he can have a race war and the "right side" can win. The other guy? He at least was a registered and credentialed poll watcher, complying with all applicable laws. Unlike the GOP poll workers in Indiana who had to be ejected by a judge for failing to comply with a lawful court order and trying to disenfranchise people based on home foreclosures. Yeah. These people lost their homes and the GOP thinks they're voting twice, once from the foreclosure property and once from the magical second home they pulled out of their butt? Of course not. The GOP knows that somebody who suffered so harshly under the past eight years is likely to vote Democratic, and so wants to block them at all cost. Even when it's in direct violation of the law. Too bad for them you no longer have to be a landowner to vote in this country, huh? If your party cannot win without breaking the law... why do you support it? If letting ALL eligible voters vote means your candidate loses, then your candidate loses. That's that. And don't talk to me about "voter fraud." There are a few dozen cases of that a year. Less than a hundred. The GOP wants to throw out thousands of names, to prevent few dozen cases that slip through the system? No. They just want to stop impoverished, minority, and other "likely Democrat" voters from voting in as large a number as possible. Why do they fear democracy? Why are so-called "Republicans" willing to destroy this great Republic of ours if it means they get to hold onto power? I love this country. I love democracy. I am so proud that representatives of my party are so zealous in making sure that the whole eligible population gets to vote, and I'm confident that when this happens... when the system is allowed to work... the American people will have picked the best candidate.

_...If your party cannot win without breaking the law._ What party is 'my party', you stupid prick? Where have I ever said what my party affiliation is, or who I will be voting for? Does it help with the ad hominem-like -- yeah, I'm one to talk, I know -- nature of your (ahem) argument to impute that I or anyone else who posts comments here necessarily must be a proper voting member of the 'wrong' party? And therefore e.g. a supporter of Bush and/or McCain? You really are one pathetic son of a bitch. And you say some of the lamest things I've seen in a while. _I love my America and I love my fellow Americans._ For example.

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Thomas Jefferson: "It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." Words to remember when, after eight years of error and lies this morning Fox News repeated the lie that Clinton administration people removed the Ws from White House computer keyboards. Good riddance to the reign of error, lies, and incompetence!

Yes, and welcome to the new reign of terror, lies and incompetence. Are people really as stupid as the last commenter? I guess the entry speaks for itself.

yes petty bourgeois people are really stupid when that person think's he or she will get something from it. the only thing black and third world people will get from Obama is talk and hate for other people and when 100 third world people show up over the next 4 to 10 years most will not like it but the USA W disappear inside total evil along with fools like ObamaIsPresident, its will be fun to watch the down fall of freedom and the making of a third world hell.