Senator Bob Menendez to Neil Cavuto: "I hope you are not one of the ones forced off the air"

[UPDATE: Apparently this is nothing, see below.]

Earlier today, Senator Bob Menendez appeared on the Fox's Neil Cavuto show and got into an argument with him about various Barack Obama plans. Near the end of the interview and after a discussion in which Cavuto raised the possibility of the Democrats bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, Menendez said:

"I hope you are not one of the ones forced off the air."

Unfortunately, it isn't clear from someone who saw it whether that was just a very bad joke or whether Mendenez slipped up and told the truth. Please leave a comment which it is; here's the video:

[UPDATE: Once again, I didn't have audio when I posted this and, as you can see from the link above I asked someone else to confirm that's what Menendez said. And, as happened once before, the FReeptards got it wrong and there's apparently nothing wrong with what he said, at least in reference to Fairness Doctrine-related issues. Out of thousands of members, you'd think there'd be some people there who knew how to make themselves useful.]


The shit is starting and may god help you all. Isn't that what old Hitler did in 1933 when he got power? if you want to know what is going to happen to YOU!!! Read the Turner Diaries! its got all that has happend from 9-11 to obama and the hell that is about to come!

WHAT? Maybe you posted the wrong one, but the words "forced off the air" don't appear in this clip. "I'm certainly not one of those that want to see you leave as one of the anchors

Whoops, messed up my HTML. ---- WHAT? Maybe you posted the wrong one, but the words "forced off the air" don't appear in this clip. "I'm certainly not one of those that want to see YOU LEAVE AS ONE OF THE ANCHORS. I heard that before." He's talking about Fox making a personnel decision. If Neil Cavuto thought he'd just been threatened on the air, don't you think he would have had a different reaction than that.

On a different subject this CREEP Menendez is the one who held up the e-verify vote. He has and is trying to re-populate this country with his hispanic friends thereby insuring his senatorial position for LIFE. He makes me sick!

_He's talking about Fox making a personnel decision._ Yeah, sure; in the context of the Fairness Doctrine [1]. Just a simple "personnel decision". What a dick. Anyway, it was probably just a joke. Not that I watch Cavuto and would care one way or the other.

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Fairness_Doctrine

eh, that context doesn't exist in the video clip. They're talking about TAXES. The Fairness Doctrine isn't raised once in the whole 6 minute 40 second running time of the segment. Did Neil Cavuto talk about it earlier in the show? It doesn't come up at all in the section from when Menendez's link up starts. You think he's got a crystal ball to know what Cavuto was talking about before? OH MY GOD THE LIBERALS HAVE SPIES IN THE FOX NEWS STUDIOS! THE CONSPIRACY IS BIGGER THAN WE THOUGHT! "I hope you don't leave as one of the anchors." SPOOKY!

The sad thing is that even if this Free Republic-style paranoid nonsense became a blip on Neil Cavuto's radar and he did the sensible thing, the big thing, and took a moment on his show to say, "Look, this wasn't a threat. I went toe to toe with the guy for five minutes and tried to pin him down. Do you think I would have swallowed a parting threat? He was wishing me well."... guys would just go, "Oh my God, they got to him." I hope you guys realize that you're future Stormtroopers in training. Hitler didn't run on a platform of unifying the country. He got power by telling some people that they were "real, true Germans" and that the communists and the gays and the labor groups and yes, those kooky Jews were destroying everything that made their country great. Once you've labeled somebody an enemy of the state, it's so easy to excuse any atrocity against them. So let's look at which group is making lists of enemies, the right or the left? We on the left... we're LIBERALS. We're in favor of LIBERTY. Peace, love, and all that hippy-dippy shit. You on the right? You think your patch of dirt is more real America and your family is more real Americans and your God is more real American God than anybody else's. Why are YOU afraid of US? What are we going to do? Oh, right. We're going to let gay people have the same legal protections as everybody else. Let me rephrase that: what are we going to do to you?

I hate to belabor a point &lt/obvious lie>, but let's look at each candidate's favorite Terrorist Pal. Barack Obama was a neighbor and colleague of William Ayers. Ayers conspired with others to bomb EMPTY BUILDINGS to make a point. He doesn't regret that, but he thinks that we as a people should collectively have done more to stop the Vietnam War. The right has twisted that to "We should have done more (bombings)" and insinuated that he's a mass murderer when what he practiced was vandalism on a wide scale. On the right? We have G. Gordon Liddy. Where Ayers's activities were principled... whether you agree with his principles or not... Liddy's were on behalf of the Republican party. He conspired to kill journalists (how's that for a Fairness Doctrine?) and law enforcement personnel. He broke the law to subvert the American political process and circumvent the will of the people. And you guys sit here on your nutty little blogs having dark fantasies about how far the LEFT will go? My friends, the difference between the right and the left is that the left sees the Constitution as a document for securing individual freedom. The right sees it as a tool to be used in the accumulation of individual power. Just look at what Bush and Cheney have done with the executive branch. Look at Palin, salivating over a single line about the Vice President presiding over the senate and talking about how she thinks that's "flexible" enough to let her direct Senate policy. The executive branch dictating to the peoples' representatives. You hate tyrants? You love the Constitution? You love America? Then why in the name of God would you knowingly put this woman in the position to enforce her un-Constitutional and un-American will?

Dont feed the troll. His meds ran out.

Dear In Good Company, I was going by the original post, before the update. Obviously. _OH MY GOD THE LIBERALS HAVE SPIES IN THE FOX NEWS STUDIOS! THE CONSPIRACY IS BIGGER THAN WE THOUGHT!_ What a faggot.

Did you see the riot in front of the White House last night...THAT'S what we are afraid of.....loony leftists. Conservatives will give Obama a chance...lefties attacked Bush with vicious vitriol from the very beginning...The other fear...we will have to work even harder while millions sit on their fat asses and spend our money...GET IT ???!!With an influx of more illegals , third world entrants , we will soon become a third world country. Socialism kills ambition.