Obama's first fulltime job at company with "substantial SDS ties" (Business International)

When he got out of Columbia University in the early 80s, Obama's first full-time job was at an apparently mainstream business reporting outfit called Business International.

Now, it turns out that that company had a series of links with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) via their 1966-67 president Carl Oglesby. He led the non-violent wing of the SDS and was opposed to the violent wing comprised of Mike Klonsky and Bernardine Dohrn. The latter is the wife of Bill Ayers, and the former headed the Ayers-created Small Schools Workshop that Barack Obama later funded to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, of course, that violent wing of the SDS later became the Weathermen. The company's collaboration with the non-violent part of SDS and BHO's employment there were separated by several years, but this is yet another example of BHO being linked into a network containing Ayers, Klonsky, and friends.

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Obama is too young to be able to claim credit, by subsequent association with SDS, for being opposed to the Vietnam debacle in the way that he can claim credit for being opposed to the Iraq debacle. This attempt to add lustre to his reputation for serious sober foreign policy judgment is way too tenuous.

There are millions of businesses in the US and Obama happens to wind up employed by one of a handful that has extensive documented ties to the radical left. It can't be a coincidence- and it's part of a pattern. Obama, of course, will win and the next four years should be very entertaining.

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