Obama's illegal alien, impoverished aunt redistributed her "wealth" to Obama's campaign via illegal donations

Barack Obama's impoverished Aunt Zeituni - recently discovered living in poverty in a Boston slum - donated $260 to Obama's campaign. From this:

Federal Election Commission records show that Onyango donated at least five times to her nephew's campaign in July and September. Three of the donations were for $5 each, and two of the donations were for $25. Records compiled by The Huffington Post show she gave a total of $260 to the campaign.

Her actions were illegal, but she can be forgiven. Obama on the other hand...


What exactly is the source of her income? Where does she -- a failed asylum seeker who was ordered to leave years ago -- get money to donate to Obama's campaign? _Onyango, who is paid a small stipend for working as a health advocate in her housing complex,..._ Is that it? Does she support herself -- buy food etc -- and save enough to donate from this money/"stipend" alone? Which I assume comes from taxpayers. _In a profile on the Experience Corps website, Onyango is described as a "former computer systems coordinator"..._ Yeah, sure. No doubt Kenya is bursting at the gills with 'computer systems coordinators'. Not to mention 'health advocates'. Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar are the children of Mr Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama, by his third wife – the woman Mr Obama calls “Granny” because she raised his father. Mr Obama’s father, Barack Sr, was Onyango Obama’s son by his second wife, Akumu. That makes Zeituni and Omar a half-sister and half-brother of Mr Obama’s father, or Mr Obama’s half-aunt and half-uncle. [1] It's not too surprising that the Obama campaign seems to have wanted to keep this tawdry mess quiet: polygamy, asylum-seeking, violation of a deportation order, living on the dole while in the country illegally. Obama has visited Boston many times during his campaign. He even chose to celebrate his 47th birthday in Boston last August, turning the event into a fancy $5 million dollar campaign fundraiser featuring Harry Connick, Jr. singing \'Happy Birthday Senator Obama\'...So why didn’t Obama invite Aunt Zeituni to his Boston birthday party? Or at least make an attempt to visit her when he was in town? [2]

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[2] blog.vdare.com/archives/2008/10/30/obama-blows-off-aunt-zeituni/

ObamaÂ’s estranged fatherÂ’s half sister loves the US so much she wants to stay in poverty? Outrageous. PalinÂ’s HUSBAND hates the US so much he is a member and supporter of the Alaskan separation group. Maverick.

As Deep Throat said in the Watergate investigation: Follow the money........