Does the Obama/Khalidi video include a dance troupe performing "beheadings"?

From this (via this):

...a kids' dance troupe that appeared at the [Barack Obama/Rashid Khalidi] event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags... In June 2004, I went undercover and attended a Dearborn fundraising dinner for Islamic Relief, the Muslim Brotherhood charity that is a front for HAMAS and Al-Qaeda... Sanabel AlQuds performed to songs calling for martyrdom to "get back Palestine." The kids were young boys, some of them appearing to be no older than seven years old... But they didn't just dance the debkah... Suddenly the Sanabel AlQuds dancers pulled out fake swords and rifles and adorned three of their troupe respectively with an American, Isreaeli, and British flag. The others pretended to behead and/or shoot the boys wearing the flags. Then they put red scarves over the three boys heads, signifying blood and no head. Then, the flags were taken off, thrown to the ground, and trampled on by this young group of Milwaukee dancers.