Paging Andrew Sullivan, MSM: Palin in a noose

Chad Michael Morrisette of West Hollywood shows how low "liberals" are willing to go with the following Halloween decoration of Sarah Palin in a noose (link):

Wonderfully "liberal" person that he is, he also has a display of John McCain emerging from flames of some kind.

Now awaiting the condemnation from "liberals" in 3,023,094,392,393... 3,023,094,392,392...

UPDATE: New frontiers in vetting await! "The smoking gun: Palin plastic surgery?" (DU,


this is what monkeys do when a chimpanzee gets power over you!

While the Palin in a noose thing is bad taste, it sure made me laugh! Screw your f%#@&ing apology!! Instead, have some dirt bag, sleaze ball republican tactics back in your face my fellow dim witted Bush, God & Gun loving, NASCAR fans. We Dem's are no longer willing to have civil debates with hate spewing, racist liars. How quickly you whine when our gloves come off and smack you upside your silly heads.

chris s @ 4:16 is an LAUSD grad. Let him vent.