What John McCain should say about Bill Ayers

This suggestion is good, but it could be even better if it worked in all the other associations Barack Obama has had. There really is enough already known to sink him, but McCain just won't attack him hard enough and there are no surrogates around to fill in the gaps.


You're supporting "McAmnesty". LOL! Oh, and here are two reasons why you're a useful idiot. http://www.konformist.com/botm/volume10/botm0506.htm http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0329-21.htm So keep right on shooting yourself in the foot and ruining your own cause, fraud.

Thank you for your reasoned, coherent comment. However, the first link contains several errors, some which have been covered here. For instance, one of the Tanc quotes was referring to terrorists crossing the border ("declared hysterically at a political rally"). The following quote doesn't appear to be accurate, but I'm not going to bother looking up the correct form. To find it, search for Max Blumenthal here, since he also tried the same trick. This site is well aware of the problems covered here and who's responsible. A scan through the years of archives will show that. As for McCain, unfortunately this site has no choice but to support him since the alternative is far, far worse. McCain can be controlled and his attempts at amnesty can be defeated as past attempts were. BHO's impact on the nation will be far worse than even if McCain were able to pass his amnesty. Scan this site's archives and then come back when you're able to present an argument.