Barack Obama going to Hawaii; is something else involved?

First, I hope that Barack Obama's grandmother is OK. Unfortunately, since we're dealing with someone who's running for president, there are some questions that need to be asked. I don't want to ask them, but is something else involved? For instance, see #107 here.


Stay classy I'm glad to see that some of you folks on the right aren't succumbing to the normal human tendency to cut a guy some slack when the woman who was basically his mom is dying. I'm glad that some of you aren't afraid to let it all hang out, so that people can see quite clearly just what you are.

He's a Demorat. I bet he's having an affair. With his own grandmother.

Oh my god, the next four years are going to be hilarious! "I see Obama didn't get bacon with his breakfast. Is it because he's Muslim?" You idiots kill me.

He has not produced an original birth certificate, which would resolve the issue. If there is nothing to hide, then why not produce an original birth certificate? He may very well be going to Hawaii to destroy documents which evidence he is actually a foreign national, but we will never know.

Gus, "obama", will kill us all.