The "mainstream" Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn guide to parenting

Some time around 2001, Mothering ("The natural family living magazine") published 'The Son Also Rises/Boys to Men, Outside the Stereotypes' by William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (link). I'd prefer to ignore stuff like this, but if any of their thoughts seeped into projects funded by Barack Obama's Chicago Annenberg Challenge there's a public interest:
...At B.J.'s Kids, parents and teachers struggled to free our language from the constraints of a sexist society, and it became natural to hear conversations laced with terms like "mail carrier," "police officer," "cowhand," and "waitron" (waiter or waitress, an evolution from the clumsy "wait person"). Not only did "firefighter" replace "fireman," but the center's play area featured a poster of a black firefighter in action, and the toy block area had a unique collection of little figures and wedgies that included a white male nurse and an Asian woman firefighter.

B.J.'s Kids was across the street from the firehouse, where the firefighters, however, were exclusively white and male. The kids visited often, trying on the hats and ringing the bell, and of course, finding their nonsexist, nonracist world collided with some hard realities--such as the time one of the hosts told the visiting kids that he hoped there would never be any women working at the firehouse because they would never be as good as the men at fighting fires. Four-year-old Megan led the chorus in unison--"UNFAIR!"--and the kids wrote letters to the mayor...
There's much more - and worse - at the link.

Barack Obama funded radical Afro-centric schools (Annenberg Challenge, Rev. Wright)