Barack Obama supported gun control in 2000 (Alaska, Trinity United)

This February 24, 2000 recounting of a debate between Barack Obama, Donne Trotter, and George Roby - then vying to replace Bobby Rush - includes the following:
All three said they were in support of gun control legislation, with Obama citing a need for higher taxes on ammunition and registration requirements on firearms, and Trotter citing his 1989 support of background checks and seven-day waiting periods in the State House.

All three also said they were opposed to the oil extraction proposed in the Alaska wilderness. On foreign policy, all three agreed that while attention to dangerous fringe groups and other potential problems was needed, the U.S. should not take on the role of the world policeman. They even agreed on a proposal to legalize medicinal marijuana, winning them all pro-marijuana T-shirts from a member the audience.

All four candidates participated in a live debate on WVON-AM radio Friday morning, and Rush's challengers had another debate later in the day at the Trinity United Church of Christ on West 95th Street.
The last isn't really that significant, but it is yet another link between BHO and TUCC.


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