Has Barack Obama admitted that he was an ACORN trainer?

About six hours ago, I posted Barack Obama lied about ACORN involvement (he was a trainer).

Now, quicker than you can say "down the memory hole", the BHO campaign has changed their website to apparently admit that he was indeed a trainer for that organization. This is an example of how, under the BHO presidency, the truth would change from day to day.

Earlier today, the page fightthesmears.com/articles/20/acornrumor contained this "fact":

Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.

Now, that "fact" has been changed to the following (see also the picture here):

ACORN never hired Obama as a trainer, organizer, or any type of employee.

At first I thought this was just a minor, legalistic change. While I'm not a labor lawyer, I believe there's a difference between being "hired" (i.e., as a salaried employee) and "work[ing] for", which might encompass something like being a volunteer, an independent contractor, someone working for a third-party but under ACORN's direction, etc.

So, apparently Barack Obama is admitting that - despite the implication earlier posted on his site - he was indeed an ACORN trainer. He just wasn't "hired" by them.

Now, there certainly is the possibility that they actually did this innocently thinking they would clarify the matter. However, it certainly hasn't clarified the matter for me, until such time as someone is able to quiz him about this. But, they're going to need to bring along a labor lawyer to make sure they've covered all the Clintonian contingencies.


The Obama panic is on, in markets all over the world. As it spreads from Wall St. to Main St., voters should realize that if they want to stop this panic, they have to tell pollsters that they're not voting for Obama. Markets look ahead, and not back at the last 4 or 8 years, and they do not feel any confidence while obama is ahead in the polls.

No Bolton is not just Obama or McCAIN Its the start of the total world system collapse the next move will by on the people not of the third world by our world, and both Obama and McCAIN ARE TOOLS BEING USED.

Heh, "trainer" now those racists are making liberalism sound like a cult. But really liberalism is a cult like Islam-that's why they hate each other so much.

You dolt. The change is semantics is only to clarify that he served ACORN, along with the U.S. Justice Dept., in a court case where he was the trial lawyer for the MotorVotor case in Illinois. It is not a conspiracy. Try research for a change!

The only dolt here is the person who refuses to acknowledge they changed their website, because they knew it was a lie. Keep the lie alive. The campaign needs more dolts like you.

How about this: the web-site was prepared by some low-level designer or content-manager, which is how it's done, using materials that were vague or misread or both. It's really a great situation for you, because if they correct the mistake, it shows how bad they are, and if they don't it shows how bad they are. Since everything they do is bad for you a priori anyway, this is just fine.

"Since everything they do is bad for you a priori anyway, this is just fine." Lies should not be tolerated when it comes to public trust and the fraud of extending the franchise to those not entitled to it, via ACORN. Shouldn't you be over at DailyKos Harald?