Andy McCarthy: "You guys are nuts". Me: "yes, and they refuse to do anything effective"

At The Corner, Andy McCarthy writes:
Memo to McCain Campaign: Someone is either a terrorist sympathizer or he isn't; someone is either disqualified as a terrorist sympathizer or he's qualified for public office. You helped portray Obama as a clealy qualified presidential candidate who would fight terrorists.

If that's what the public thinks, good luck trying to win this thing.

With due respect, I think tonight was a disaster for our side. I'm dumbfounded that no one else seems to think so. Obama did everything he needed to do, McCain did nothing he needed to do. What am I missing?
Not much, except for one thing: what are you doing to ensure that - despite all McCain's faults - Barack Obama doesn't become our next president? McCain wouldn't be a horrible president, especially because the Democrats and also opposition from within the GOP would keep him in check. On the other hand, Barack Obama - and especially his supporters - would be a disaster for the U.S.

So, instead of simply typing away at The Corner, McCarthy should come up with a plan. If he can't come up with a plan, he should feel free to use mine. Mine would be very effective; why isn't anyone else - such as those at The Corner - pushing it?