GOP official removed for telling something that's true to a good extent (McCain)

Clark County GOP communications director Didi Lima recently said the following to the Associated Press:

"We don't want (Hispanics) to become the new African-American community... And that's what the Democratic Party is going to do to them, create more programs and give them handouts, food stamps and checks for this and checks for that. We don't want that... I'm very much afraid that the Democratic Party is going to do the same thing that they did with the African-American culture and make them all dependent on the government and we don't want that..."

What she said was to a good extent true, although it might be more PC to say it in a different way. And, it's especially true about the motivations of the Democratic Party.

Needless to say, the multiculturalists in the John McCain campaign prefer to live in a leftwing-created fantasy world where we're all singing Kumbaya (link):

"Didi Lima is no longer a part of this campaign, her comments don't reflect Senator McCain's beliefs and are not tolerated on his campaign," McCain spokesman Rick Gorka said after learning about her remarks.


She's absolutely correct. The Democratic party is trying to create a dependent lower class which will rely almost exclusively on government subsidized programs. It's alarming. Legalizing the (in my estimation) 20+ million illegal immigrants and possibly allowing them to bring their families into the country will be the death knell for the United States.

Just shows you how much he cares for his beloved beaners

Political correctness is eroding the fundamental value of free speech. Although you can literally say what you want, the repercussions are sometimes so severe that you are dissuaded from doing so. Here, Lima discussed an honest and legitimate concern, and McCain refused to acknowledge the possibility that this was an accurate assessment of the plans of the Democratic party. He is either in denial or living in a fantasy land.

Democratic party? The GOP is complicit in this mess, as it is going on under their watch too.

McCain will throw anyone under the bus for the slightest thing. Shows how little character he has as a man. He is part of the problem for this credit crunch and he too remains oblivious of his own stupidity!Mr Illegal Immigrant is clueless!

once more Mary is right. and understand one fact McCain said nothing about that Black communists and the white monkey getting 249,000,000 for cooking the books at mac brother and sister, not a word.

'McCain will throw anyone under the bus for the slightest thing.' Yep, and while doing so act reeaally sanctimonious about it. It doesn't exactly engender loyalty from party supporters and probably costs him more in that way than any gain from being PC.

Query how many "Latinos" are also dependent upon government. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?