UCLA professor Stephen Bainbridge deletes comments showing how he was wrong

UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge recently tried to debunk illegal immigration's role in the mortgage crisis. Along with issuing smears, his only data points in support of his position came from data that was over a decade old. Not only didn't he tell his readers that the data was incredibly out of date, but he deleted two comments pointing out that the data he was using was woefully out of date.

One of the comments he deleted was from me:

Bainbridge should be embarrassed: for relying on data that's over a decade old (h/t a previous comment). And, all to support illegal activity, to show that he's one of the "good conservatives", and in order to avoid pointing out the truth and then having the left call him names.

The previous comment referenced above was also deleted; it wasn't adversarial, simply stating that the data was out of date and suggesting that that made it worthless in this case. There was no link and I forget the person's name, but their email address was at watson.ibm.com.

The bottom line here is that you can't trust anything you read at Bainbridge's site, because he's willing to try to silence those who fact-check him. If you're a UCLA student in one of his classes, make sure and double-check every assignment he gives you for anything he left out.


When I visited his site comments were already disabled on the post you linked to. They guy's a real asshole. Regarding the role of defaults by illegals who were able to obtain mortgages, I've personally not seen it quantified. Here is an interesting article that discusses how lenders were enthusiastic about lending to \'immigrants\'. [1] Of course most illegals are Hispanic, so to the extent subprime lending increased home-buying among Hispanics -- which it did, as relaxed lending standards were explicitly designed to increase non-white home ownership -- it's reasonable to expect that among those were some who were here illegally, and the lenders weren't too picky about that aspect, just as they weren't too picky about getting a down payment, income verification, etc.

[1] www.vdare.com/allen/homeownership.htm

eh is right, poor white in fact happened to be blocked from buying homes and in fact it was based on black racism check out who was running the home/government buying system but little or nothing is said about that racists acts against whites.

so yall were the ones who posted all that stuff on Immigration huh? you f** b**!! EVERYONE IS EQUAL.. and just to remind you this land is not even yours.. the native americans do.

"and just to remind you this land is not even yours.. " F-You. This land was taken in war. You're just a sore loser, but a loser nonetheless. If you don't like "our" land, you're welcome to leave.

And another thing, Bainbridge is an academic fraud. Too bad his tenure will ensure a lifetime of this intellectual dishonesty and deceit.