Troopergate: investigation overseen by biased Democrat? (Hollis French)

From this:
A Republican state representative says the Democrat overseeing a legislative investigation into Gov. Sarah Palin's dismissal of her public safety commissioner seems intent on damaging her vice presidential candidacy. The Republican wants the Democrat removed from the post.

Democratic state Sen. Hollis French "appears to be steering the direction of the investigation, its conclusion and its timing in a manner that will have maximum partisan political impact on the national and state elections," state Rep. John Coghill said in a letter dated Friday.
And, from this:
I have run across some very explosive audio from an Alaska Joint Judicial Committee Hearing. If you haven't heard about this yet, then you certainly will in the week ahead. What you will hear is the committee discussing who's really running the investigation. One of the committee members tells the "independent" investigator, Mr. Branchflower, that he has the right to put someone on the subpoena list who was omitted for some reason. However, investigator Branchflower refuses to do so, saying that he must consult with Mr. French, the Alaskan Democratic Senator leading the "troopergate" investigation. This confuses the committee member, who wonders why he has to consult with Hollis French at all...
Here's the audio:

UPDATE: The video originally embedded above (Youtube ID LJSSABGo5wg) was there before, and it had a little over 200 views. Then, it went missing for an unknown reason. Now it's back at You might want to save off a copy.


If Palin does not get elected vice-president, she will be back in Alaska as governor. You'd think her Alaskan political adversaries would be delighted to see her kicked upstairs to national office where she will be out of Alaska.