Shipley Do-Nut president pleads guilty (hiring illegal aliens, light sentence)

From this:
The sudden guilty plea to charges of hiring illegal immigrants by the president of Shipley Do-Nuts — one of Houston's most well-known institutions — is likely to send a strong message to employers about the pitfalls of hiring undocumented workers.

...On Thursday, prosecutors announced that Lawrence Shipley III — the grandson of Shipley Do-Nuts' founder — was placed on probation for six months and fined $6,000 after pleading to a misdemeanor charge of allowing illegal immigrants to be hired.

Three Shipley managers were also charged Thursday for employing undocumented workers.

Next week, the doughnut company itself is scheduled to enter a guilty plea to a felony conspiracy charge and could be fined up to $500,000.
Despite what the DOJ and the article says, six months probation and a relatively small fine aren't going to send a message to other employers. If the company is fined a large amount that might send a message, but they might also get off with something far less than half a million.


If one of the "pitfalls" is getting caught then I think it's pretty clear that the benefits of hiring low wage illegals outweigh the risks of any "pitfalls".