Barack Obama's "Low Road Express"

The Barack Obama campaign has launched a new mini-site called "Low Road Express". While when I first heard about it I thought it was about BHO playing the race card, it actually turns out to be a site about John McCain's supposed "negative attacks and false charges" (

So, why is this here? Because the last time the BHO campaign started a site they forgot to register the various TLB combos. This time around, they've registered the .org, and they or someone else has registered the .net.

However, I note that the .us version is not, at post time, registered. I doubt whether anyone would type in that URL by mistake, but it might get up there in search results for those who are searching for "Low Road Express". Since I don't think too many people are going to do that, I think I'll take a pass this time. But, if anyone else is looking for a new URL that's one possibility.


the new so called mini site only wants money $5 or $10 or $20, BHO Needs it for Africa and he needs it for life to become President for life. and if he can't have you hand if over someday he will call you a Infidel/racits and have you beheaded. watch BBC His 4 brothers by 4 mothers/woman one white( BHO Mother monkey ) 4 blacks was on all said he is a great africa Chief and great Leader of his people. This is not a joke so vote for this head monkey and have fun in hell. The next years will be fun.

I read that Corsi's new book, Obama Nation, says something about the Red diaper children, BO's mother, being inculcated by their parents to use interracial marriage as a way to turn the minority into more useful idiots....just in case anyone is interested.