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Anarchists coordinating "action" for illegal aliens on July 21

Presented for your amusement. From "Call For Anarchist Solidarity Actions With Immigrants July 21st" (la.indymedia.org/news/2008/07/218957.php):
Take Nationally-Coordinated Action To Show Solidarity And Fight ICE on July 21st!
We have begun the attack by spraypainting an ICE van with many anti-Migra(ICE) slogans. May our spark spread into a wildfire...

...Let us continue, and expand our solidarity with hyper-expolited and terrorized immigrant communities by taking action on July 21st.

Some Ideas For Possible Actions:
-Banner Hangs of Solidarity
-Protests at ICE Facilities (Detention Center List: http://www.bordc.org/threats/detention.php)
-Protests at Federal Buildings
-Protests at Employers Known To Under-Pay or Exploit Illegal Workers
-Street Theater to Show What Happens When A Family is Torn Apart by an ICE Raid
-ICE Copwatch (Use a phonebook to find ICE locally)
-Murals Dedicated to Illegal Immigrants
-Stencils saying "No ICE Zone" or "Anti-ICE Safe Space" in your neighborhood and in front of your house. (In Spanish: "Zona No ICE" or "Espacio Seguro: No Migra Aqui")
-Vandalism of ICE and DHS Property
-Breaching a Detention Center to Free Imprisoned Immigrants (In Australia and Europe this has been done!)
-Get creative and participate!
Needless to say, I don't take this seriously, and for all I know it might have been planted by ICE or some other federal agency. A quick search for the vandalized van didn't result in anything. And, I think any anarchists who try to breach an ICE facility are going to get a lot more than they bargained for.

Immigration2008a · Sat, 07/19/2008 - 09:48 · Importance: 1

Sun, 07/20/2008 - 01:37

It could be like the sheriff notifing 500 wanted criminals they had won a color TV and had to pick it up on a certain date. I know it's unbelievable but 400+ of them showed and were arrested. A ploy that works time after time.