Nevada McDonald's franchisee fined $1 million over illegal aliens (flashback to supporters)

The Nevada-based McDonald's franchisee Mack Associates Inc. has been fined $1 million after pleading guilty to employing illegal aliens. Two executives of the company - but not apparently Luther Mack himself - have pleaded guilty and may face fines and jail time.

The backstory on this is here, with a panoply of Reno-area Hispanic groups opposing the original September 2007 raid and in effect supporting identity theft purely out of race-based reasons. IIRC, several news reports from that time portrayed Mack as a victim if not a hero; if anyone would care to research that leave a link in comments.


So, Big-'Mack' plead guilty and a couple of execs have felony raps to add to their resumes. Should make them eligible to compete for one of those jobs Americans won't do. Like flippin' burgers. After they learn how to make license plates. Gonna lose their McMansions and their McFriends, too. Pity. /sarc McTraitors.

'...and in effect supporting identity theft purely out of race-based reasons.' The New York Times editorial board thinks it's 'no biggie' too.

"Oh big deal people", The pigs made 0ne billion on the backs of the third world people so whats one million? maybe some little guy will go to jail for one year but when he gets out he will have 2 million in cash and will live the good life and face facts this is all a show.