Barack Obama lies yet again (uninsured Hispanics, healthcare for illegal aliens)

Barack Obama seems to think that just pandering isn't enough, he has to lie while doing it. The latest example is a quote relating to his appearance at the LULAC convention [1]:

"I want to stop talking about the outrage of 15 million uninsured Hispanics in this country, the largest group of the uninsured in the U.S., and start actually doing something about it."

Obama lied about yet another statistic; in 2006 there were 21.2 million non-Hispanic whites who were uninsured (link). Unless we're doing ObamaMath, 21.3 million is greater than 15.3 million. And, since the Census Bureau also counts illegal aliens that implies that Obama wants to extend insurance to illegal aliens as well.

There is, however, one other explanation: unlike the U.S. Census Bureau, BHO doesn't perceive non-Hispanic whites as a "group". In his mind, only Hispanics, Asians, and blacks are distinctive "groups". See, for instance, this example of Barack Obama's racial demagoguery.

So, Barack Obama either lied, or he's more in the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson mold than many are willing to admit. I'll leave it up to his supporters to decide which it is.

READING COMPREHENSION UPDATE FOR OBAMA SUPPORTERS: It's true that there are more Hispanics as a percentage of their group who are uninsured than a similar statistic for non-Hispanic whites, but that's not what BHO said. However, if you'd prefer that explanation, then there's a third choice. With that choice, BHO was simply being egregiously misleading. Would that work better for you?



Since BHO is half white, doesn't this make him a self-hating Caucasian?

mostly when talking about how much a group is threatened it's relative to other groups--thus percentages: From your link: non-Hispanic whites: 21.2 million (10.8 percent) Hispanics: 15.3 million (34.1 percent) 34% > 10.8% But he's simply saying why universal health care is important to the particular audience he was speaking to. If you're concerned about universal health care, you'll be happy to know Obama's planning to insure non-Hispanic whites, as well!

Personally, I think we ought to move toward 'universal health care' in some form. But regarding Obama, I find it pretty shitty to say the least that he'd use the pretext of millions of uninsured Hispanics to promote that. Especially when speaking before an ethnic organization, which is the worst kind of pandering. Because one reason we have a huge and growing underclass of Hispanics who need the government to provide health insurance for them is that immigration law hasn't been enforced. As a member of Congress Obama is at least in part responsible for that; he certainly hasn't done anything about it. The reason Hispanics are disproportionately uninsured is that they are disproportionately poorly educated and so do not get the kinds of jobs that have employer provided health insurance. And because immigration law isn't enforced, there are more and more of them, which makes it all that much easier for employers to keep wages low and fringe benefits like health insurance non-existent. You see how that works? With each passing day it is more and more obvious how shallow Obama is. The fact that so many people fall for his crappy rhetoric proves once again there's one born every minute.

that isn't news Obama is the great lie! and its just the start, can we say, we are all "F", When this monkey becomes the next president and if you think that bush monkey was one evil rat start thinking real evil under Obama monkey.

Thanks so much, Sky, for your wonderful hyperlink to the World Wide Web site of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.