Mainstream media hacks get taste of own medicine: some OC Register editing tasks outsourced to India

The Orange County Register will be conducting a one month trial where they outsource some newspaper editing functions to a company in India. They'll also be doing layout work on one of the OCR's community newspapers. Per their deputy editor:

"This is a small-scale test, which will not touch our local reporting or decision-making. Our own editors will oversee this work."

Hopefully the reader is laughing as hard as I am. Virtually every newspaper "reporter" who writes about outsourcing and the related issue of immigration is basically a paid hack who pushes the interests of those who profit from outsourcing and massive immigration. Few of those "reporters" have shown any interest in accurately representing the concerns of most Americans and instead have acted as shills and pitchmen. Perhaps some of them will see which way the wind is blowing and realize that this "trial" could turn into a trend among other papers, and that the outsourced writing up of stories gathered by stringers could be used to supplant some "reporters". Certainly, Indian English is a bit different from the American variety, but that's just an implementation detail.


The OC Register is more than a media hack, it's more like a media sack. [of shit] For 25+ years they have had NOTHING but sob stories about "poor pablo" and his family's "plight". It would enrage me so much I finally stopped getting that anti American rag more than a decade ago. Thinking back, I was a paper boy for them in Stanton, Ca. in the late 70's. That neighborhood was mostly American and safe. Today it is a barrio. Thanks OC Register for promoting this. Enjoy spending time at the unemployment line full of mexicans