California Department of Public Health backs away from Balkans ("Our Neighborhood, Our Rules")

One of the many ways the California Department of Public Health spends "their" money is on the "Network for a Healthy California" (, which operates a website promoting a healthy diet and which puts up billboards such as that seen here or in the following screengrab of this page

california department of public health billboards healthy

There are many things one could say about this effort and the billboard specifically, with nanny statism being the least concern. The main concern is that such billboards foster the belief that one group of people - specifically, one ethnicity - "owns" a neighborhood. Don't think that? Well, then imagine the "concern" if a billboard similar to the above used a white woman; wouldn't non-whites be more than a bit concerned and wouldn't they have a point?

As another example a new form of the billboard has been spotted using a less Balkans-oriented tag line: "My Kitchen, My Rules" (photo of a similar ad here). I spotted that billboard on Western around Pico on the edges of Koreatown; the area where it was spotted is a previously mostly black area now trending Latino, and the billboard featured a black woman. I doubt whether Latinos in the area would appreciate her image proclaiming it to be "her" neighborhood.

I don't think anything - except the absurdly easy task of completely discrediting the far-lefties in the California legislature - could be done about campaigns like this, but perhaps even the CDPH realized there are limits to far-leftism.


Happy to see you back Lonewacko. Many of the so called workers in so called political race public health care, are hispaics, many are not about care of old people or young kids of all races but about the ideals of mexico city and the race hate rat, low life, in la Raza, many hate the ideals of a free nation and want one thing the race of the third world to rule here in total evil. and if the system will work with the pigs and help to take us down it will do so. the change is not about good health but about total racism.