Barack Obama patriotic, ad says

According to a new ad from the Barack Obama campaign (link), he was brought up with "values straight from the Kansas heartland", including "love of country". Out with the "Black Values System", in with the "Kansas Values System"!

And, some might even buy it, even those bitter folks clinging to guns, religion, and anti-immigrant sentiment.

While I'm sure that BHO is mostly patriotic, I'm also sure there are areas where - like president Bush - he's a bit more squishy. For instance, supporting Bush's SPP isn't exactly patriotic. Supporting massive illegal immigration isn't too patriotic either.


In Moscow people think Obama is a joke and the best thing that has happened for old mother Russia since Hitler. The Government is so happy to see this ass get power its a joke, Obama will be used in all ways and the boys in Moscow can't stop Laughing at you.

_he was brought up with "values straight from the Kansas heartland",_ He overcame a very inauspicious start then, as his white mother was knocked up at 17 by a 24 y/o black man who later abandoned both of them. Which does not sound all that 'heartlandish' to me.

thank you eh. Obama also said his family has real American values but Obama is from the heartland of Africa is that now part of the USA To?