ICE complains about Washington Post immigrant detention health story (Dana Priest, Amy Goldstein)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has written a letter to the Washington Post (link) complaining about a WaPo/CBS 60 Minutes story that claimed that ICE isn't providing proper healthcare to immigrant detainees. The authors of the story are Dana Priest and Amy Goldstein. The WaPo's ombudsman, Deborah Howell, responds here. Needless to say, they disagree.


Dental care, general and emergency health care, and mental health care, all at the expense of citizens of a completely different country than yours. Many US citizens who fund it would love that health care plan. A publication should welcome the input of the subject of one of their articles, yet the NYT apparently is completely denying their readership the whole story (in other words, the truth). The public needs to support ICE, as it offers the only sensible, real action on the part of the government. Yet news outlets constantly try to undermine the efforts of this hard-working agency.

I was incensed this morning when I saw the front page of the Boston Globe !! My brother--who lost his house due to divorce lives with me and gets the Globe. I won't buy the RAG. But the front page SOB Story was about a Jamaican immigrant who can't get her visa so she can continue to save to buy a house in her homeland. I can't tell you how many people I know in MA -(Americans) who are struggling to keep their homes or have lost them already. I was so mad I wanted to call the paper immediately. I didn't-but told my brother it was time to cancel that RAG....He says it has become comical how all their stories either feature GAY couples or Illegal immigrants....No wonder their readers have abandoned them. How can supposedly educated people be so stupid???!!!I have written to them previously that they really need to start publishing in Spanish!!

can I get that to? hell I want that deal right now, oh I forgot not the right race of people nothing free for me. Mary My sister lives with me, her son is in the Army fighting for what i do not know? So whats the point in fighting for mexico or some third world people? the reason why you hear so much about guy people and poor third world people is, the one world rich people want you to hear and see for the ideals of total dismantling of our freedoms, and the making of a new world order that will mean total enslavement and death of freedom and the ideals of us all.