Bill Richardson: the border is more secure; partnerships with Mexico

From this:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Wednesday that he has seen an improvement in security along the U.S.-Mexico border... Problems remain, but increased policing by state and federal authorities has significantly helped...

Part of John McCain's (previous?) tactic to get amnesty involved the border being declared to be secure, something that would probably be done by border state governors like Richardson. And, they'd probably do it in as casual fashion as Richardson did yesterday.

He also announced various partnerships with the neighboring Mexican state of Chihuahua, some of which might be in the U.S. interest, some of which might not be.


You know, watching this guy on various programs when he was in the running for President really left me amazed. I couldn't believe such a lame-brained fool held such an imprtant position in government during the Cinton presidency. Scary thought....And he sure changed his tune on the border when he realized more latinos might amount to more votes for him!!! Tubby sure is a self-serving ,pandering disgusting creep. Just ask the Clintons who he stabbed in the back....."Character" to these guys is just someone in a cartoon!

Ditto, lonewacko. When the fox assures the chickens that their hen-house is secure...

What Mexico Bill wants is mexico ruling here so he can be the big boy and tell you to get out of his country, Bill Richarson is a treason pig and hates our freedoms and must be on the list if you know what i mean? Partnership with mexico city means drug dealers running you into hell. It also mean secure the borders for mexico to move 50 million more of its people here and when that is done it means remove you end of paertnership. Our enemies are not outside the gates but inside the gates and inside washington running the game of evil on you. but maybe the government plans on outsourcing the borders? as it has with 20 million jobs.

YEAH TUBBY BILL ....Things are Much much better on the border...... Gunmen Kill Chief of Mexico’s Police Posted by: The Watchdog in Drug Cartels, Mexico NY Times MEXICO CITY — Gunmen assassinated the acting chief of Mexico’s federal police early on Thursday morning in the most brazen attack so far in the year-and-a-half-old struggle between the government and organized crime gangs. The Mexican police have been under constant attack since President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2007 and started an offensive against drug cartels that had corrupted the municipal police forces and local officials in several towns along the border with the United States and on both coasts. Since then, Mr. Calderón has sent thousands of federal agents and troops into those areas to establish law and order, provoking retaliation from drug cartels that have killed about 200 officers, among them at least 30 federal agents. The acting chief, Edgar Millán Gómez, was ambushed by several men wearing rubber gloves and carrying weapons as he entered his apartment building in the Guerrero neighborhood of Mexico City with two bodyguards at 2:30 a.m. He was hit eight times in the chest and once in a hand. He died a few hours later at Metropolitan Hospital. Commander Millán was the highest ranking official to be killed since Mr. Calderón’s campaign against drug dealers began. Intelligence officials said it was highly likely that he was killed in retribution for the arrest on Jan. 21 of Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, one of the leaders of a cartel based in Sinaloa State.

I understand that Tubby Bill at one time was in overall watch of the Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Facility and during that time of his tenure of whatever it was.......a bunch of secrets got out!! I'm beginning to sound like the MSM with no real facts!! Sorry bout that

Richardson would violate the Constitution? Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution endows the Senate and President with the plenary power to make treaties. Richardson cannot engage in international partnerships that many would arguably interpret as treaties.

They jiggle us around like we are on a chain. Border is still wide open despite 911 and incredible border violence. Make your voice heard in Washington with this historic event July 12:

Bill Richardson is, and has always been, a disgrace to New Mexico. There have been rumors of women not wanting to sit nor stand next to him. (Lt. Governor says no to being next to Governor.) Of course that might be because of his looks with that beard. Smart New Mexicans look on him as a carpet bagger and have nothing but disdain. He's also stabbed his patron (Clinton) in the back by saying Obama is his choice. (Bill Clinton picked him from obscurity - another Clinton boner.) The man needs to be told to live with his mother.

Yes Mary the old mexican Revolutionary BS Is back and its coming to us all right here inside this once great nation just wait until cops get shot down like dogs but maybe that will be a good thing and people will start to act like American once more? on the other hand I don't think so most people are not real Americans but only people living here for the money. Buy Guns

Horace you can't violate something you don't have the laws are being used against freedom and the last thing that will end this nation once and for-all will be the Amnesty bill and all 3 want that real bad, say goodbye to the Constitution and say hi to mexico city rulers. Soon it will be up to people to take the road and fight for right or become a mexican and the Enslaved and most will take mexico.

Bill Richardson is 100% for any so called latino if in this country illegally or not