Mexican consulate to work with LULAC on Pilgrim's Pride raids?

This report is less than coherent, but indicates that the Mexican consulate might want to work with the League of United Latin American Citizens, a previously patriotic group that's since been radicalized:
The Mexican Consulate from Dallas will be visiting Mt. Pleasant this Sunday, hoping to address issues and concerns after the recent raids at Pilgrim's Pride Corp.

...The objectives of the meeting, as listed by the Mexican consulate, are:

1. Have a formal organization created, either LULAC council or other;

...3. Document incidents of harassment, racial profiling, intimidation, etc.

4. With cooperation from media, get wider coverage of abuse and treatment to all North Texas...


Americans should be OUTRAGED at this clearly biased meddling of mexican officials into our domestic problems. Funny how the more mexicans we get the more problem we have in return?