Canada's moves against skilled immigration sparks outrage

From "Canada's immigration minister threatened for blocking stripper visas" (link):
Canada's immigration minister is being threatened by criminal gangs opposed to her government's efforts to halt foreign strippers from working in this country, media said Thursday...

Canada has long had a shortage of homegrown strippers, and club owners, some of whom are alleged to have ties to organized crime, hotly opposed the bill.

According to Tim Lambrinos, head of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada, there are currently 700 foreign strippers in Canada, and more are needed.

He told the Globe and Mail that the Conservative government's crackdown on his industry will force foreign dancers underground where they will be more prone to exploitation...


don't touch immigrant whores, that's the bread & butter of local scumbag politicians, every sanctuary city is bastion of immigrant whorehouses with a direct fiscal pipeline to local open border whores.

Smitty is right but the people of CANADA best buy guns the next gang rat will come for your kids soon, both people of good will can fight as one people and save both nations from our enemies or become the third world whore.