Candid emails from opponents Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigration law (1804, Harry Coates, Spirit Bank)

Oklahoma passed an anti-illegal immigration bill (1804) last year and various forces are apparently trying to weaken it or repeal it. Late last month the Oklahoma Bankers Association released a study claiming that the bill could cost residents of the state $1.8 billion (link). One of the opponents is state Sen. Harry Coates, whose family just happens to own a roofing company.

Now, some apparently embarrassing emails from the opponents have been obtained (link). I'm not familiar with the players and the post isn't entirely clear, but those mentioned include "Lobbyist Jamie Longacre, who represents Spirit Bank CEO Kell Kelly... Dick Rush [State Chamber of Oklahoma]."

UPDATE: Coates now says the emails were stolen. His opponent accuses him of being paranoid.