Rhode Island religious "leaders" to pray in support of illegal activity

Rhode Island governor Don Carcieri recently signed an executive order designed to reduce illegal immigration in his state. That resulted in a near riot on Thursday as pro-illegal immigration demonstrators stormed his policy office (link). One of the coordinators was Direct Action for Rights and Equality, and one of the protesters was Providence City Councilman Miguel Luna. Religious leaders weren't apparently involved in that protest, but have fanned the flames; Carcieri urged those leaders to reign in their flock (link).

But religious leaders of various denominations, who say they weren't consulted before the decision was announced, have called on the governor to rescind the order, or at least reconsider it. Some want congregations to pray about the issue during weekend services.

...Rev. Donald Anderson of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches told church leaders in an e-mail this week that they should encourage prayer and discussion about the immigration debate.

"I would urge us to be open to understanding all the facets of these issues and look to God for wisdom and direction," Anderson wrote.

Bishop Thomas Tobin of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence criticized the order during a news conference Wednesday. The bishop plans to continue working on the issue, said Michael Guilfoyle, a spokesman for the diocese.

"I'm sure many of our parishes, many of our pastors, will be praying for the community," Guilfoyle said...
Also quoted: Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, president of the Hispanic Ministerial Association in Rhode Island (wants the order to be rescinded) and Rabbi Alan Flam, president of the Rhode Island Board of Rabbis (wanted to be consulted).

If anyone in the area wants to do something about this, challenge those religious leaders using these points, and then upload their response to video sharing sites and similar. The goal is to show that they're engaging in false compassion and publicly discredit them.


Let's just boycott these churches. There's nothing better we can do than keeping the collection plates empty on Sunday.

'who say they weren't consulted before the decision was announced' Isn't that a GOOD thing?