Yep, he's a Libertarian: Mike Gravel does "Helter Skelter"

In the future, animatronics will probably be used to produce fake videos featuring politicians in "compromising situations". For now, we can watch newly-joined Libertarian Mike Gravel (D-Pluto) do it to himself, making a music video featuring The Beatles song forever associated with a heinous crime that mortified the nation:


A great tool of the world Oligarchies who need us all dead, this guy is just a tool of evil people in high places, buy guns make a new nation from the old and dead one. you can't save any part of this once great nation but you can fight for a new nation under sane laws and our old bill of rights. what he and many others like him really want is a one world America with no right but race rights and it will happen if you do not act like real people that have a real right to live on this earth in the way you want and not the way our enemies want you to live and be murdered by the third world people of evil doers.