Owen Gleiberman/Entertainment Weekly's movie review forgot something important

Owen Gleiberman - movie critic for Entertainment Weekly - offers a review of the new film "Under the Same Moon", a tearjerker designed to make illegal immigration acceptable.

Unfortunately, Glieberman forgot to tell his readers that the movie was financed by the Mexican government. The same government that profits from illegal immigration is now financing a movie designed to support illegal immigration.

Not only that, but the last few words of his review - and similar quotes sniping at Lou Dobbs - is now being used in their ad:

Under the Same Moon's politics sneak up on you. The film says that the U.S. immigrant situation is untenable, but then it forces us to ask: What should be done? That's a good enough "argument" to find in a movie with an ending so touching it could make Lou Dobbs cry.

I've contacted EW, and hopefully they'll update his review to point out that the movie is propaganda financed by a foreign government.


Owen Gleiberman says 'Under the Same Moon's politics sneak up on you'. That's a laugh. That statement implies subtlety at work. Here's excerpts from Kenneth Turan's review in the L.A. Times. The one thing this movie is NOT is subtle and it noticeably telegraphs its sympathies: "Under the Same Moon" hasn't been on screen for more than five minutes before one of its characters bursts into tears. The whole movie, however, would be more convincing if the elements around that vital core were more multidimensional and less contrived. This problem is especially acute when it comes to the film's few but pivotal English-speaking characters, who come across as evil or feeble or both. The Mexicans, hard-working as well as fun-loving, come off much better. --------- Can you imagine how an American government backed film with sinister Mexican characters would play south of the border with their public & press (if it were even allowed on screens at all)? One last bit from Turan: 'A crowd-pleaser when it premiered at Sundance 2007 under the title "La Misma Luna," http://www.calendarlive.com/movies/reviews/cl-et-samemoon19mar19,0,1204191,print.story Do you find it odd that a crowd found a weepie/weeper movie so pleasing? Ah, but remember this was the ultimate Hollywood liberal crowd. Maybe the one-sided politics left them feeling smug and perhaps they wiped away their tears and strode out of the theater uplifted with self-righteousness.

its all BS and the system will make us all into a third world so called country, but the oligarchies really have people inside a box and when it all comes down the Army of millions from the third world will attack anyone not hispanic you can say that is a nut case statment but just look at L.A., Or any big city in the FORMER USA. This movie is just a joke but a joke that will get millions inside a death camp called the USA.

I'm pretty sure that 95% of the movies made in Mexico, just like in the rest of latin america, are produced by the government. I live in Venezuela btw.

Unfortunately, if the US govt produced theatrical films(like most of the rest of the world) they would just as anti-American as foreign films with a political flavor. This is because the US govt is controlled by a globalist elite that is fundamentally hostile to the traditional American majority. They(the globalists) are as patriotic as Barack Obama's pastor.

Jose Hernandez is completely right.