Kevin Drum/Washington Monthly deletes yet another comment

Kevin Drum and/or the Washington Monthly have a habit of deleting perfectly reasonable comments; because of that you can't trust anything you read there. Comments sections serve as a form of check on the blogger or reporter; if they make a mistake someone will probably come along to point it out. If - like Kevin Drum and/or WM - they start deleting comments you never know what's missing, and it might be a comment offering a correction. So, every single thing he writes has to be double-checked before relying on it.

The latest example of a deleted comment is presented in the extended entry, as left on the thread washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2008_03/013403.php

As for why I'm forced to say "Kevin Drum and/or the Washington Monthly", I don't know whether it's Drum himself or someone else who does this. I asked him about it, but he was too cowardly to admit to doing it himself.

And, even as Drum/WM delete legitimate comments, they continue to have very major spam problem; see, for instance, the toxic stew at the end of washingtonmonthly. com/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=10203. If you link directly to WM, search engines might consider you part of those spammers' extended networks and that might have a negative impact on your site. I suggest dropping all your links to WM, using the plain text version as I used above if you still need to link to them

I'm not surprised to see Kevin Drum admit that he supports corruption and wants the U.S. to make money off illegal activity.

Nor am I surprised that he can't figure out what that implies: massive PublicCorruption as federal agencies turn a blind eye to lawbreaking.

What would surprise me is if Kevin Drum knew about all the actions the Bush admin has taken in this regard, such as strongarming a change that let banks profit from money that was earned illegally. And, how the FDIC is working with the MexicanConsulate to give home loans to IllegalAliens.

What would even surprise me more is if Kevin Drum could figure out all the costs associated with IllegalImmigration, including long-term costs and/or those without a direct financial impact.

Those Democrats with integrity and who put what's best for the U.S. ahead of the corrupt interests of the Democratic Party should reject attempts to profit from illegal activity and oppose PublicCorruption.


[Note: WM and/or KD have a habit of deleting and editing comments without notice, so this comment might disappear or be edited.]


Brad DeLong [1] also regularly deletes comments.


Figures, they love to censor at Berkeley.