Like a rock sinking like a stone: Mike Gravel joins Libertarian Party

I am laughing as I type the news that novelty Democratic Party candidate Mike Gravel has now joined the Libertarian Party. No, really.

The subhead of the LP press release is "Believes Democrats are out of touch with American citizens". So, logically enough, he's joined a party that's even more out of touch.

On the one hand it's good that Gravel was in the race, and it's not exactly a good sign that he was excluded from the debates, and it's good that to a certain extent he bucked the system (aside from things like supporting global governance and not caring about illegal immigration). But, on the other hand he was more or less a joke. On the other other hand, it's too bad he wasn't dragging down the Democrats even more than he did. But, on the other other other hand, at least he'll be providing his magic to the LP henceforth.