Democrats trying to add amnesty to enforcement-only SAVE Act (Hispanic caucus)

Both Democratic and Republican House members have signed on to the enforcement-only SAVE Act immigration bill, with Rep. Thelma Drake (R-VA) filing for a "discharge petition" (link) that, if it gets 218 signatures, would force a floor vote no matter what the Democratic leadership wants. It had 181 signatures as of Friday (updated list here).

Now, this has Rosemary Jenks from Numbers USA saying:

"[The Democrats] know that the American people want enforcement and will hold them responsible if they pass something that does not look like an enforcement bill... So essentially they are trying to negotiate a deal to attach various kinds of visas, including amnesty visas, to this bill... The [Congressional] Hispanic Caucus is driving the negotiations to attach an amnesty to the SAVE Act... They want something that they can go home and tell their special-interest constituents that they voted for in terms of amnesty."

The politics of the issue are discussed here.


Any attempt to sabotage to the SAVE Act would be near suicidal for Democrats at the polls in November. Nancy Pelosi, first female Speaker of the House and one term Democrat Speaker at that. Honestly I would expect another 5-6 purple district Democrats to sign on to the SAVE Act prior to this summer's convention in Denver. The Hispanic Caucus will be enraged. If the Hispanic Caucus wants to join hands with LULAC, La Raza, MALDEF to encourage nationwide protests on behalf of "CIR" or Open Borders causes, they have to be concerned that this summer it is likely they will no longer be able to control the most radicalized elments in the Open Borders movement. Like I have been saying look for a wild time in August in Denver.

No matter what we say or do without guns in hands will not stop this government from making us into a third world country. McCain was Raised by a hispanic woman from day one Bush was raised by a hispanic woman from day one many of our political people have been part of some hispanic family from day one so what can't you understand about the system people? buy guns and stand as one that is the only way you will win.