Did someone try (and fail) to setup Lou Dobbs? (ICIRR, Citizen Orange)

Back on November 28, 2007 Lou Dobbs spoke at the Barnes & Noble in Chicago, and one of the audience members interrupted his speech with what could have been a semi-deranged outburst. Or, it could have been a braindead attempt by an illegal immigration supporter to provoke Dobbs, thinking he - or the audience - would say something noteworthy. If it was the latter, the provocateur failed. Obviously, I have no proof that he was a provocateur, but the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - a group linked to the Mexican government - was there and not only protested the event but caught the incident on tape.

Video of part of his appearance is in this video (link), which is a derived product created by Kyle de Beausset of Citizen Orange (citizenorange.com) [1] from the original ICIRR-shot video (link).

After briefly speaking to one of the presumably ICIRR-associated protesters who were therapeutically chanting outside, it cuts to his speech in the bookstore. Just as Dobbs says "let's talk about race for a minute", someone yells from the back of the room:

Hispanics are not white, they're similar! They're not white. Get off the lie!

He's invited to the front of the room to speak, and he does so, saying the same basic thing, then storming out of the main room past the camera shouting the same basic things as he went.

At the end of the rant, Dobbs says "I want you to know, I appreciate your viewpoint" and "And I thank you for it." Which is pretty much the best thing to say to someone who appears to be a bit deranged, and needless to say is de rigeur in hostage crises.

The possibility that this was an attempted setup is amplified by the fact that the ICIRR protesters played a few other cute tricks that evening, including packing the hall and then exiting en masse. After The Big Walkout they went to a room upstairs to make noise.

Whether it was a setup or not, de Beausset's attempts to make hay out of this issue failed even among his fellows on the left:

[1] citizenorange.com/orange/2007/12/lou-dobbs-race-baiter.html


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