Barack Obama lies about Lou Dobbs to support illegal immigration

Yesterday's Lou Dobbs show on CNN featured a video clip from earlier that day of Barack Obama lying about Dobb's position on deportations (transcript link, video link):

When I hear Rush Limbaugh or you know Lou Dobbs or some of these people talking about how we need to send them all back. We're not going to send them all back. First of all, this is a country of immigrants. Second of all, as a practical matter, we would end up having to use all of our law enforcement resources to round people up, detain them, separate families. It's not a realistic solution.

That seques into a December 2007 clip from Obama, where he says:

We're not going to be able to solve the problem if we're just shouting about it like Lou Dobbs and folks on television.

When Obama refers to "send[ing] them all back", he's trying to raise the specter of mass deportations [1], complete with cattlecars. That's something that Dobbs doesn't support. In addition to lying, it's also interesting that Obama - a U.S. Senator - is supporting and apologizing for massive illegal activity. Just once it would be great if someone in the audience would call him on his lies and misleading and corrupt statements.

In the rest of the transcript it's a bit unclear exactly what Dobbs' position is. He raises the pandering ante on Obama by saying he won't send anyone back, but it's unclear on whether that's actually his position or whether he's simply trying to make a point. Also, American Patrol points out that Dobbs might be wrong about us deporting 10 million illegal aliens during the 70s. Nevertheless, while Dobbs did discuss on 60 Minutes that we could do mass deportations if we wanted to, that isn't the same as actually supporting mass deportations, and Obama is clearly lying.

[1] The word "deport" can have different meanings, including:
1. Mass deportations; see the images illegal immigration supporters paint of cattlecars or lines of buses.
2. Deporting illegal aliens from worksites and the interior in discrete cases, such as dozens or hundreds at a time.
3. Deporting criminal and fugitive aliens, with the same dozens or hundreds configuration as the previous.
4. Deporting those who've been caught at the border.
5. Encouraging illegal aliens to self-deport.


We don't have ton deport them. As Arizona and Oklahoma prove..just enforce the law and they will go back on their own.ATTRITION is the way to go. These CLOWNS-Like Obama -are using this a red herring to provoke images that encourage more illegal immigration. They will never talk honestly abpout the subject--McCain does the same thing , pleading for our "humanity" to treat all as "Gods Children". The fact is the only thing they want is cheap labor or cheap votes and I a sick of all of them and their pandering, self-serving , disgusting lies. We are stuck with three candidates who aren't worth SPIT! The country is doomed!

I wish Obama (and Hillary and McCain) had the same amount of sympathy for the U.S. citizens whose jobs illegals take and whose wages they decimate. There was a time when the Democratic party represented the interests of the U.S. working class citizens. That time has obviously passed.

The worst thing he says is this: _First of all, this is a country of immigrants._ As if at this point there is no such thing as an American. But I'm not surprised you didn't pick up on that.

you guys are missing the point all of the pigs know that the new USA Is a businees its you who still don't get it at all. and if you stand around and do nothing this once great nation of ideals and laws will just be one more whore house of the third world. God Blass the Old USA I piss on the new usa. gay/lesbian/liberation governors/congress/senators/president. just look at your leaders and cry. after that buy guns. Obama is a muslim and will say anything you want for now, but once that pig has the power god help you all.

I have no dog in this fight, but if you're trying to persuade people, don't so cavalierly accuse someone of lying. A lie is an intentional misstatement of fact. You got the easy part -- misstatement of fact -- here, but how in the hell do you infer intent? You caught Obama talking out of his ass about immigration. He lumped Dobbs in with some of the more strident voices in this area, many (most?) of who are advocating deportation. It looks to me like an easy mistake. You have to provide a lot stronger evidence to prove intent.

The Huffinton Post is now famous for allowing the most outrageous, mean spirited forum to bash anyone not following Obama like lemmings going over the cliff. Now that Obama has taken to bashing Dobbs, instead of Huff Po admitting Obama is an open border advocate, they now put up articles whenever possible to smear Lou Dobbs. If people in this country get Obama, they are giving up what is left of the sovereignty of this country. But, Obama and his wife now have their nest feathered and the illegal aliens he panders to and supports, won't be a problem . Illegal aliens can't afford Obama's neighborhoods and his daughters certainly won't have their education dumbed down because the teachers are having to spend most of the time working with students who speak no English. A vote for Obama serves the Latinos well. They get the country handed to them on a silver platter with the U.S. taxpayers being their economic slaves. Quite a payback, Obama .

I think the sentiment in Dobbs is boiling to the surface.

July 23,2007 Miami La Raza Convention Investor's Business Daily, reported: "'Cozy With La Raza', What matters to La Raza is amnesty for illegals, if not through the Senate, then through the 1960's tactic of silencing opponents by smearing them as racist." "Of the candidates who attended the convention, Obama stood out as the most willing race-baiter, his Chicago activist experience coming in handy. He denounced immigration bill foes as 'both ugly and racist in a way we haven't seen since the struggle for civil rights'." With Obama there is no two ways if you're not for illegals you are a racist. Mr. Obama called all of us AMERICANS against illegal immigration a racist. I was very offended and when his campaign called my house I let them know exactly how I felt. One of the ladies was shocked when I quoted the article. He didn't allow for the fact that just maybe it might be a question of economics. Maybe we feel that the AMERICAN taxpayer just simply can't continue to pay for all their welfare benefits. After the Rev. Wright incident I understood where Obama gets his racist beliefs. This is why he makes comments about certain media and radio talk show hosts like Lou Dobbs. I guess he really believes we 'typical white people', if you don't believe his way you are a racist. With Obama there is only one way that is credible his way or the wrong way. How are we suppose to believe in hope/change/we can or that open dialogue he's interjects into every speech when you are not open minded enough yourself?