Barack Obama, just another Chicago politician (deal with Daley machine?)

From this:
Taking no chances, Daley called Obama in for a series of meetings that lasted two months. Obama’s major problem with Daley was that he was a corrupt sonnovabith, having just seen 4 of his top aides convicted in the city’s largest patronage scandal. It seemed a given that the squeaky clean Obama would endorse the candidate promising to clean up city hall.

Then, in late December of 2007, the tumblers all clicked into place and Daley made his nearly unprecedented endorsement of Obama for president. About the same time, it was announced that his brother Bill would be going to work for the Obama campaign...

...So what did Obama promise in return?

In effect, Obama surrendered to the Machine by promising to endorse its corrupt mayor rather than his reform minded challenger...


Ask who is that pig Daley owned by? who is the real master behind the power? that is moving this rat Obama along the road to the so called white house and what will happen to you if this pig become our so called President? in other words follow the money and you will understand why people think this pig Obama is a muslim doing his work inside the great Satan, its how the muslim would work to take us down that road to the third world hell. Its not Daley who owns Obama its Obama who owns Daley.