Overview of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) failures

Spencer Hsu of the Washington Post celebrates the DHS's fifth-year anniversary with this two-pager list of their problems and failures:

...the ever-growing list of troubled programs illustrates the extent to which each new crisis -- from the 2001 terrorist attacks to Hurricane Katrina to the Dubai ports scare to the Bush administration's push for comprehensive immigration policy revisions -- has forced DHS leaders to launch costly initiatives with broadly defined goals that wind up missing their targets...


Once you understand this is not a country but a "business deal" all is understood and you can see why all this BS Has and will happen, soon the system will collapse the money system inside the fomer USA, next will come your human and civil rights THAT WILL DISAPPEAR in the name of P.C. and one world ideals. Next will come mass wars all over the world and the last thing will be the H-Bomb on your heads. but someplace along this time line will come the camp system, so be happy in your last days and buy guns. You can't stop the evil that is coming but you can save your family by understanding the evil ideals of our foreign leaders in washington and in your own local and state so called governments. Once you see that evil you can make some moves that will save your life and the lifes of your kids. 1.buy lane outside the cities 2.buy food 3.buy guns 4.make friends with others and stay outside the system. 5.make cells inside your own group and above all other thing watch each others backs and hide in areas you know. 6. Love each other and tell your kids how the USA Become a third world hell.