Two from terrorist watch list arrested near border (associate crossed illegally)

From this:

Two men on the "national terrorist watch list" have been turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) following a routine traffic stop... [Patagonia, Arizona Police Chief Ed Dobbertin said] that the men were of Middle Eastern descent and had been residing in Sierra Vista. ..."They were on the list because apparently they were non-U.S. citizens going to Nogales to basically bond out an individual - their associate - who was also a non-U.S. citizen that had been stopped the night before by Customs and Border Protection agents for entering the United States illegally," said Dobbertin.


If this story is a stand up story and the cops did a good job and its not a setup, I am Happy but who really know's what really is happening here? who is behind this? who is paying for this? and who found the 4 rats? was it really custom guards? or border guards? and did the FBI really do the work?

Well, there's one I'm going to bookmark to share with those who insist illegal aliens aren't terrorists.